Cars & Parking

A traffic sign is broken, missing, or illegible.
Please contact Public Works - Engineering at (714) 548-3463.
A traffic signal is not operating.
Please contact Public Works - Engineering at (714) 548-3457 or (714) 548-3462
I would like to buy a city vehicle at auction.
Any information about purchasing a city vehicle at auction may be obtained through the City of Westminster's Fleet Superintendent at (714) 548-3688.
Parking at the Westminster Civic Center
Please click on link below for details:
What are the city restrictions on operating oversized vehicles?
The operator of any oversized or overweight vehicle must obtain a special permit from the Traffic Engineering department at City Hall to operate the vehicle within the city.  WMC 10.44.250.   No commercial vehicle may be parked on any city street in excess of  2 hours, except when loading or unloading, or in the performance of a service.
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