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Can I renew my driving license online?
Please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles. Their telephone number is (800) 777-0133.

Their website is
Do I need a license or permit to run a business from my home?
To operate a home business from a residential dwelling, you must first obtain a home business permit through the Planning Division and then a business license from the Business License Division.

Home Business Permit
To apply, complete the home business permit application and submit to the Planning Division.  The application is intended to extract a detailed business operation description from you which will aid us in determining the appropriate level of review for your proposed home business.  Based upon your business description, your home businesses will fall into one of three categories: prohibited, administrative review (level 1), or planning commission review (level 2).  For further details, please contact the Planning Division at 714-548-3247 or  You may also access the City's Home Business Ordinance  for details.  If and when your home business permit is approved you may then apply for a business license. 

Home Business License
Once you obtain a home business permit you may then obtain a home business license through the Business License Division.  For information about business licenses, you may contact the Business License Division at 714-548-3258.

Do I need a permit for a new swimming pool?
Yes.  Please contact the Building Division of the Community Development Department at (714) 548-3254 for information regarding swimming pool permits.
Do I need a permit for a yard or garage sale?

Yes, a permit is required for all garage sales, which are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Garage/Yard sales may be conducted no more than three times per residence in any calendar year, with a minimum  three-month interval between sales.
  • A maximum of three consecutive days.
  • All goods and equipment to be displayed and sold at a garage sale must not have been acquired elsewhere for resale.
  • For detailed information, please check the City Home Page under Municipal Code, Section 17.48.042 or contact Planning Division at 714-548-3247.
Do I need a permit for my business sign?

Yes, a permit is required for a new permanent business sign.  Please contact the Planning Division at 714-548-3247 for information.

How do I obtain or renew a contractor’s license?
This is done through the State of California Contractors Licensing Board. Their telephone number is (800) 321-2752.
How do I obtain a license to sell beer and wine?
A conditional use permit is required for both on-sale and off-sale of alcoholic beverages. Please contact the  Planning Division of at 714-548-3247 for more information.  Also, contact the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control at 714-558-4101.
I am remodeling my house; what permits do I need?
You should contact the Building Division of the Community Development Department at (714) 548-3254.
I am starting a new business; what licenses do I need?
There are numerous types of licenses available.  The type of license you will need is based upon the type of business you are going to conduct.  Further information is available on the City's Home Page under Business Licenses, or you may contact the Business License Division at: (714) 548-3258.
I need information about construction permits.
Please contact Community Development - Building Division at (714) 548-3254.
I want to become a taxi driver.
You may want to contact the Orange County Taxi Administration Program. They should be able to answer all of your questions.

Phone: (714) 857-7202
I want to film in the city; what do I do?
A permit is required for any production activity in the City.  For more information, please contact Gayle Johnson at (714) 548-3172.
I want to transfer my business to a new owner.
Business licenses are not transferable. You would have to close your account and the new owner would have to purchase his/her own license. You may contact the Business License Dept. at:(714) 548-3258.
May I put up a sign on a telephone pole?
No sign may be placed or maintained upon any portion of a public right-of-way, including street signs, street trees, or utility poles.
Tell me about Fire Safety Inspections for my business.
Please contact OCFA:
What permits and/or licenses do I need to open a new restaurant?
You may need to contact the following agencies for various approvals:

  • Check with Planning Division to see if a restaurant is permitted. Other land use approvals (i.e. outdoor dining, parking, design review, etc.) may be needed, as well.  Call 714-548-3247 for more information.
  • Check with Building Division for construction, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical inspections.  Call  714-548-3254 for more information.
  • Planning and Building permits are needed for signs.
  • Check with the County Health Department for food & beverage service.
  •  Approval from Midway City Sanitary District is required for grease control devices.  Please contact MCSD at 714-893-3553.
  • City Business License. Call 714-548-3258.
  • A Conditional Use Permit is required if you plan to have live entertainment, performers, and/or dancing.  Please contact the Planning Division at 714-548-3247 for more information.
  • A conditional use permit is required if you serve beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages.  Please contact the Planning Division at 714-548-3247 for more information.  You also need to obtain a license from the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.  Call 714-558-4101 for more information.
What permits and/or licenses do I need to start a new business?

For any new business, it is always advised you first contact the Planning Division at 714-548-3247 to ensure your proposed business location is in the appropriate zone.  To discuss your proposed business with the Planning Division, please bring a detailed operation description and floor plan with you to City Hall.

Once determined to be in the appropriate zone, you must then submit plans for any construction that must take place prior to commencement of your business operation.  Following construction or if no construction is required, you may obtain a business license from the Business License Division.

When can I obtain a bicycle license?
Bicycle licensing takes place on the FIRST and THIRD Wednesdays of each month from 5:30pm to 7:00pm at the Westminster Police Department.  The cost of the license is $10.00.  Please bring your bicycle to the police station and a police explorer will assist you.
Where can I apply for a business license?
An application for a  business license may be obtained at City Hall's  customer service counter (Building Division). Applications are also available online under "forms."
Where should I go to get a Small Business loan?
Please click on the link below:
Where should I go for general business assistance?
Please click on the link below:
Who do I contact if I am building a new house?
You should contact the Planning Division at 714-548-3247 to determine zoning and development standards that will apply to your new home. You should also contact the Building Division at 714-548-3254 to determine required permits as well as building and construction requirements of the California Building Code (CBC).
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